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keeping my excitement in one post

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Can I tell you how awesome this is after all the bullshit that happened a year ago? We did it, guys. Yay!

Our lovely ladies are back! Here’s to the power of the fans!





    keeping my excitement in one post

    #loook at them loookm at thme looiooooookkm at thmrem


    Can I tell you how awesome this is after all the bullshit that happened a year ago? We did it, guys. Yay!

    Our lovely ladies are back! Here’s to the power of the fans!

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    We did it! Don’t think we didn’t help make this happen!

    We did it! Don’t think we didn’t help make this happen!

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    Contact CBS Advertisers

    Great info and advice on how to contact CBS advertisers:


    Now that AJ is officially off and Paget is back (but not for long, she is done after this season) the main thing to do is boycott CBS programming and tell their advertisers that we will be boycotting them as well. 

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    What now?

    Well, now that AJ has confirmed that her departure from Criminal Minds is a done deal it’s time to refocus our energy.

    *Please note that all that follows is the opinion of the person behind the SaveTheCMLadies Twitter and Tumblr, you are all free to decide upon your own opinions and course of action, I merely want to state the ‘official’ stance of this blog and twitter from here on out*

    After AJ’s tweet announcing the end of the road for JJ I received numerous tweets saying that until Paget says herself that negations are over regarding her new diminished role in CM, that we should continue to campaign for her. I agree!

    ETA: Paget’s role is a done deal, she will be in the majority of next season’s episode. I think we may have given her some leverage… 

    By all means send in letters and lipstick, and continue to let CBS know via phone and fax how you feel. But keep in mind that with negotiations over and filming about to begin, we will probably need to consider a longer term strategy.

    I feel that the best course of action will be to boycott all CBS shows (with one exception, which I will get to) and to contact every one of their major advertisers and let them know that because of CBS’s sexist decision making we will no longer be watching the network.

    Now, the one exception (and I know many are divided on this) would be Criminal Minds. And my reasoning is:

    a) I love all of the characters, so I still have a reason to watch. And if Criminal MInds loses all of it’s viewers, CBS is far more likely to say “well it was an old show anyways, and besides we have the spinoff….” and then cancel the show. Thus leaving a talented cast and crew out of work, essentially at the hands of CBS but helped considerably by the fans abandoning them.

    b) If CBS is purposely trying to destroy Criminal Minds (as some have thought) then boycotting the show will only give them a perfect excuse to kill the show and get what they want.

    Now, if Criminal Minds goes down the drain and loses it’s quality I will not have a problem not watching it. But at this point I refuse to summarily wash my hands of the show. The cast and crew were and are as upset as we are, and I don’t think it’s right to punish them or get them fired.

    Over the weekend I will hunt up more and refine the current list of CBS sponsors and find contact info for them. Continue to let CBS know you are not happy, and let AJ know you love her and will follow her work wherever life takes her.

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    In case you missed it on Twitter:

    AJ Cook just confirmed that her firing is a done deal. She will be back for two episodes to wrap up her story line. We gave our best, so you should all be proud of the waves we made! We won’t let CBS forget this, and my boycott of CBS and it’s primary sponsors starts today. Who is with me?

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    #SaveTheCMLadies Update | Please Read

    I’m sorry the twitter and blog have not been very active lately, it is not for lack of outrage or desire to fight the good fight, it’s from lack of time thanks to my job.

    I know many of you have been feeling discouraged lately, especially after all of the hard work by the fans and everyone involved only garnered rumors of CBS “allowing” Cook to return to wrap up her storyline.

    I want you all to know that CBS’s insulting response is not for lack of effort on our part. It is obvious that we have made ourselves heard to them as well as competing networks and major media outlets. The fans are almost (if not completely) unanimously against this decision by CBS, as are the cast, crew, and show creators. It’s a decision that is so blatantly sexist and demeaning towards women that men and women alike are calling CBS out on it. 

    So, despite the overwhelming outcry CBS seems determined to destroy their ratings and alienate their loyal fan base. It actually seems like CBS is trying to destroy one of their most successful shows and in doing so, turn a major segment of their viewers against them. 

    While I still have high hopes that the calling, faxing, and mailing campaign causes CBS to reconsider - I also think we should face the possibility that CBS is so self absorbed that it simply considers the fans (who are the ones CBS has to thank for their success and large paychecks, by the way) are merely an annoyance who will eventually grow tired and be placated by a token, cookie-cutter female replacement for AJ and Paget.

    Well, CBS, that’s not going to happen. Because even long after this campaign is over and whether or not the decision is reversed the viewers are not going to forget the way you treated them, and more importantly: how you treated two talented and beautiful women who have helped you bring in top ratings each week.

    I’m personally against saying that I will outright boycott Criminal Minds (though I wonder whether I will even care to watch what it has become) and I say that because there are so many talented and wonderful people who make their living through Criminal Minds and boycotting the show would punish them more than CBS.

    That said, I have no problem boycotting anything and everything else that has the CBS name attached to it and I hope the rest of you will do the same.

    Keep up the good work, this isn’t over by a long shot. 

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    Excellent Article on CBS’s Poor Decision

    Does CBS genuinely believe that Cook and Brewster haven’t earned raises, if that is in fact the impetus of these moves? Are network executives under the impression that, because they’ve successfully replaced key characters in the past (Glaudini’s Elle Greenway in 2006, Mandy Patinkin’s Jason Gideon following the 2007 season), they’ll be able to do it whenever the mood strikes them? Are they of the opinion that while Moore, Gibson, Gubler, and Mantegna are vital to the show’s success, they can just plug any pretty girl into the cast at any time and audiences will accept her? Do they believe that Vangsness’ Penelope Garcia, who does most of her crime-fighting behind a computer keyboard, is more integral to the day-to-day operations of the fictional BAU than two field agents who are frequently in the direct line of fire? Or do they just believe that the wisecracking, plus-sized Garcia is more accessible to female viewers in Middle America than the petite J.J. or the somewhat vampish Prentiss?

    Whatever the case, their handling of this situation has been nothing short of criminal. To release the talented Cook during summer hiatus is to write her out without even bothering to give the actress or her character a send-off worthy of someone who’s given so much to the show and its loyal viewers for half a decade. Downgrading the hard-working Brewster to little more than a glorified guest star is basically telling her and her fans that her contributions to the program were never as important or impactful as those of her co-stars, past and present. In short, CBS’s treatment of Cook and Brewster is as disrespectful as it is illogical. Not to mention more than a little sexist…

    …With so much programming available to viewers in the era of digital cable and satellite TV, is it wise for a network with nowhere left to go but down to start dumping some of its most popular on-air performers? This seems more like the sort of addle-brained decision-making that keeps NBC at the bottom of the heap than the savvy, crowd-pleasing policies that took CBS to the top. If the network brain trust doesn’t quickly rethink their positions on two of primetime TV’s strongest, sexiest, most popular female characters and keep Cook and Brewster around, the next victim to meet a cruel fate on Wednesday nights will be the show’s ratings.

    Found through the Criminal Minds Roundtable

    Rest of the article here

    (I bolded some of the best points of the article)

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    Don’t forget, today is Save The CM Ladies Day!

    Call and Fax Nina Tassler, mail CBS letters and Lipstick, and don’t forget to use the #SaveTheCMLadies !

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    Friday is Save the CM Ladies Day!

    #SaveTheCMLadies http://criminalmindsfanatic.blogspot.com/2010/06/criminal-minds-save-our-ladies-day.html

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    Option for Intl. Fans to Call CBS

    This info courtesy of Suzanne: 
    Here’s something helpful for the non-US fans. I’ve found out that Skype are having a promotion where you can call for free to some countries (US included) for a month. The site is: footballpromo.skype.com That way even fans outside the US can call Nina Tassler without it costing them anything!



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